Welcome to the electromagnetic shielding Technical Steering Committee
Key points

1、Laboratory studies on cells aim to determine if there is a mechanism by which electromagnetic field exposure could cause harmful biological effects. Animal studies are essential for establishing effects in higher organisms whose physiology resembles that of humans to a degree. Epidemiological studies look for statistical associations between field exposure and the incidence of specific adverse health outcomes in humans.
2、Finding a statistical association between some agent and a specific disease does not mean that the agent caused the disease.
3、The absence of health effects could mean that there really are none; however, it could also signify that an existing effect is undetectable with present methods.
4、Results of diverse studies (cellular, animal, and epidemiology) must be considered together before drawing conclusions about possible health risks of a suspected environmental hazard. Consistent evidence from these very different types of studies increases the degree of certainty about a true effect.

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