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2023 Chinese Electromagnetic Shielding Protective Clothing (radiation suit radiation maternity dress) Physical Store Quality Sampling Assessment

Recently, for the suit ofelectromagnetic radiation of Chinese mainland (known locally as radiationsuits, or radiation maternity), ESMMC conducted a field shop unannouncedvisits, sampling activities. ESMMC sampled the product storage, and entrustedwith maintaining long-term relationships globally recognized laboratories forproduct quality assessment. This is results of the evaluation.

Evaluationtime: 10th-30th,Jan. 2023

Assessmentobject: the electromagnetic shielding suits in China (radiation suit radiationmaternity dress)

EvaluationObjective: mainland China Civilelectromagnetic shielding clothing product quality, service quality of the teststore

Evaluationsamples: The local and foreign electromagneticshielding clothing brand which Sale in China

Evaluationmechanism: ESMMC

Commissioned a professional evaluation laboratory:Nijmegen Laboratory, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Institute of Structural BiologyIBS

Product evaluation key values: shielding SP, comfortCP, retention DP, TT Textile Technology

Producttesting tools: full-body simulationdot-matrix

ServiceTest key values: the number of stores NS, product type NP, receivedprofessional degrees PA, service perception SE

ServiceCheckers way: Professional Team Multiplayer stratified unannounced visits

Evaluation results: Sampling of variousbrands combine a combination of factors of product quality, service qualitystore, at 213 samples tested brands, the following arrangement "withinmainland China in the sale of civilian clothes electromagnetic shielding(radiation suit radiation maternity dress ) comprehensive quality top tenbrands, "as follows:

Announce: Some electromagnetic shielding clothing brands sale well in thenetwork. Although they marked the origin of Italy, France, Britain and othercountries, but in China did not find their physical stores. Customer servicewith these brands in China did not give the exact cause. ESMMC contacted withthe country of origin of these brands, and did not find their local physicalstores, so these brands, temporarily outside the scope of this evaluation.

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