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China Set up a National Research Center of Electromagnetic Radiation Technology
ESMMC(Asia)According to the official government website reported of Sichuan Province China, that in October 2013, the National Technical Research Centre of Electromagnetic Radiation was founded, the Foreign entitled "Electromagnetic Radiation Control National Engineering Research Center for Materials and Engineering Technical Committee", won the China Government approval of the Ministry of Science, claiming control of the country in the field of electromagnetic radiation material only national engineering technology research and development platform.The senior officials from China Ministry of Science and Technology Department of the Sichuan Provincial attended the meeting and made a speech. They said the center set of basic research, technology development and engineering for one, brought together a large number of advantages of resources and scientific research, strengthen independent innovation, to support the country's defense stealth technology development, promote the country's structural adjustment and other electronic materials aspects of far-reaching significance.According to the official website of the Sichuan Provincial, the center has a high level of research teams in the field of electromagnetic functional materials, with world-class level of electromagnetic radiation Control Materials Research and Testing platform with high magnetic loss electromagnetic absorbing materials, microwave parametric test systems, electromagnetic number of technological achievements of international advanced level radiation characteristics, such as rapid calculation method has a number of enterprises in China, such as ZTE, Huawei, Nokia, Falcon, electronics 29, 10, 20 and other units with high visibility .It is reported that the center of the country academicians appointed as the center of the first director Tian, Li Yan Rong, Sang Jianhua, Zhang same, Zhang Xingdong other 15 persons as members. Also, Deng Longjiang as director of the Center, Lu Haipeng as deputy director, Lee En as deputy director.

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