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Questionnaire survey on the consumers' experience of radiation maternity dress in 2016

Background of questionnaire

  With the increasingelectronic, the electromagnetic radiation fills with every corner of life. Inorder to protect the health of the fetus, radiation maternity dress becomeessentials for pregnant women. However, whether the radiation maternity dresscan protect pregnant women from electromagnetic radiation and what is theconsumer experience? Supervise and urge the radiation maternity industryhealthy development. International authoritative organization ofelectromagnetic shielding materials “Electromagnetic shielding materialmanagement committee”(ESMMC) conducted a consumer survey to more than 6000pregnant women in 71 Women and Children' s Hospital from Beijing, Shanghai,Guangzhou and other big cities for ensuring the effectiveness and safety of radiationmaternity dress and for supervising and urging the healthy development of antiradiation maternity dress industry, which really reflects the situation ofvarious brands’ radiation maternity dress.

  Purpose of questionnaire

  In order to understand theattitude of the expectant mothers who buy radiation maternity dress and tounderstand the use of experience and the recognition for after-sales service .

  Questionnaire distribution&Recycling situation

  The questionnaire aims tothe pregnant women in 71 hospitals from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and othercities. A total of 6000 questionnaires were distributed including 3652questionnaires acquired and 3541 effective questionnaires.

  Analysis on the Results of questionnaire

As can be seen from the figure 1, the recognition ofexpectant mothers for radiation maternity dress has reached 72.3% because ofthe improvement of people's health awareness and continuous understanding ofradiation and radiation maternity dress. There are 12% of mothers who are notclear to the performance of the radiation maternity dress, but they also chooseto wear for the safety of the fetus. radiation maternity dress for thesepregnant women has become an important weapon to protect the fetus and is thenecessary supplies for pregnancy.

As we can see from the figure 2,the attitude towardhealth and money has changed and now they pay more money for health withouthesitation. Among them, there are 5.2% of pregnant women at the purchase ofmore than 1000 yuan for radiation maternity dress. And some pregnant women whochoose radiation maternity dress with 300 to 500 yuan accounted for 45.5%,which can be predicted that most of the pregnant women who purchase radiationmaternity dress or are from middle-income groups or office women.

The shopping platforms such as Taobao, Jingdong arepopular now, which makes people who want to go shopping just stay at homebuying whatever they want. As we can see from figure three, online shopping hasbecome more and more popular, 71% of people choose to buy radiation maternitydress online. Of course, brand stores and shopping malls counters etc.stillretains many consumer groups because of its unique advantages.

 In order to meet the requirements of pregnant womenfor radiation maternity dress throughout their whole pregnancy, radiationmaternity dress are always designed to vest, sling and apron. However, as wecan see from figure four, this design is still recognized, satisfied by people.

Customer Satisfaction Index is an important index tomeasure the business service attitude, especially Taobao, Jingdong and othernetwork sales platform. As we can see from figure 5, there are 51.2% ofconsumers who show their great content to radiation maternity dress’safter-sales service . However, only 5% of consumers are very not satisfied itsafter-sales, and 15% of consumers are not satisfied, which shows that theradiation maternity dress market is still relatively confused and some badstores still exist. Of course, it can not ignore the factors such as transport,consumer psychology and other non - factors. In order to improve this aspect,the relevant departments also need to strengthen supervision and management ofthe platform. In addition, the pregnant women in the purchase of radiationmaternity dress should try to choose big brand with good reputation, highcredibility, so that not only the quality can be guaranteed, but also the salewill be more enjoyable.

Note: in figure seven all brands arranged according to the Chinese firstalphabet and has nothing to ranking.

As we can see from figure 6, JOYNCLEON, Tian Xiang,octmami,, and Uadd are currently popular brands, which have the purchase raterespectively reaching 23.5%, 19.7%, 14.5% and 13.3%.However, the purchase rateof another brands is relatively low. In addition, the brands with no goodreputation such as mark Barbie, ginger, Qini etc have less competitivemarketplace compared to octmami, octmami, but the overall purchase quantity isover and above the the other brands excluding four brands in abundance.

 (Note: in figure eight all brands arranged according to the Chinese firstalphabet and has nothing to ranking.

Brand satisfaction is to measurethe consumers’ satisfaction for the use of a certain brand, which comprehensivelyassesses the brand honor, professional technology, quality and after-sales andso on and may have important implication for guiding the behavior of consumers,promoting and supervising the healthy development of various radiationmaternity dress. As we can see from Figure 7, Shanghai Uadd as the first brandof radiation maternity dress, with its long history, a good reputation andprofessional, excellent quality and technical, has become highest satisfactionbrand in the group of pregnant women. In addition, octmami, Aika, Gagale,saymamu and other brands with excellent performance also well has been highlyrecognized among mothers.

  Radiation maternity dressas an important goods for protecting fetal health, should pay more attention toits safety, effectiveness, consumer experience . From the above analysis we cansee that although many aspects of radiation maternity dress has been recognizedby consumers, it also has small flaws in the style, customer service etc, whichneed to improve constantly. The child is the future of the family and thefuture of the motherland. In order to protecting the health of the fetus andhuman fertility, radiation maternity dress still have large space forimprovement.

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