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Chinese domestic civil electromagnetic radiation protective clothing brands comprehensive evaluation
Brand evaluation

Premium Plus (Shanghai), Tian Xiang (Shanghai), Qini (Shanghai), October Mummy (Shanghai), Jing Qi (Jiangxi), especially in America (Suzhou), Jiajiale (Zhejiang), Noel Jian (Shanghai) , loving family (Anhui), Cinemark (Zhejiang)

Test Methods

Market sampling, environmental simulation, simulation testing

Evaluation Location

The Netherlands, Nijmegen laboratory

Evaluation process

ESMMC commissioned by the international professional laboratory, all the tests carried out in the indoor simulated environment, evaluation using simulation of human (natural silica, artificial leather clothes), in simulated body (simulation skin) surface of the seven key points, placing sensitive sensors to capturing electromagnetic radiation in the region (as shown below, A1-A7) values ??vary; in the test room, through a variety of environmental simulation, given the high and low frequency non-ionizing radiation, measured through different values ??of key points to reflect the brand anti-radiation shielding clothing.

Evaluation results

Evaluation results are translated into scores (PETS), each critical point to 20pets out, the following are survey results, press out successively in the order presented:


Total score 140pets the evaluation, only "U + /-Plus" (Shanghai Textile Technology Co., Ltd. Silver Shield) of the "silver silk fiber" material, model 1521 models, scoring more than "excellent level" (114pets).The new plating technology of U + is the reason of ahead of other .So it get the first in this test.other "Tim" (John Nathan Shanghai enterprises), Qini (Shanghai Yixin Industrial), October Mummy (Shanghai pregnant Ltd.) of three products to achieve a good level (98pets), randomly selected from the remaining the evaluation of products, are in the general standard (60pets).

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