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Chinese Said: Electromagnetic Radiation Can Harm To the Face
Recently, Chinese media said if people frequently use computers, mobile phones and other radiation tools, it’s harm not only to the health, but also to the facial skin. The damage can be divided into specific: let the pores of the skin become thick, people ministers spot, there is the face of the president acne.Facial skin is important for some people, especially ladies. To prevent radiation damaging the face, the media said, reducing computer time, reducing the use frequency, and so on, are the way to reduce the harm of electromagnetic radiation. In addition, it gave other auxiliary solution:
1, Turn off the computer in a timely manner
The media pointed out, it is a bad habit to opening the computer 24 hours a day. When not at the computer, remember to shut off it. The reason is that the intensity of the electromagnetic radiation generated stronger by a computer at work. The radiation due to the cumulative effect of which will lead to increased radiation damage.
2, Adjust the brightness of the computer screen
The media said, radiation is closely related to the computer's brightness. In order to avoid radiation damage becoming larger, you should dark your computer. But if the screen is too dark, may causes the eyes fatigue, so to moderate brightness, but the media did not give a moderate values.
3, before the computer, clean your skin
The media suggested, in the used computers, LCD screens , remember to thoroughly wash the face , especially at night before going to sleep , thoroughly clean the face, reduce electromagnetic radiation hurt , keep skin health.
4, Put a pot of cactus in front of the computer
Chinese people believe that this whole body covered with prickly plants, has the effect of absorption of electromagnetic radiation, everyone should put pots of cactus at your computer. Also stressed that the installation of filters in front of the computer screen , to maintain a good posture when using a computer , the eyes and the screen remained at about 0.5 m distance , eyes flat as computer screens , are a good way to reduce radiation .
5, Eat some foods to prevent radiation
The media emphasized, people should pay attention to diet in daily. We should eat radiation food; eat more vitamin A, K, E and B vitamins, etc. These are the good elements of radiation. And noted that the above-mentioned multi- vitamins in fruits and vegetables , such as the following appear , such as strawberries , milk , eggs , liver, cauliflower , cabbage , eggplant , lentils , carrots, cucumbers , tomatoes , bananas , apples. Eat these foods can help prevent electromagnetic radiation on the appearance of facial injuries.
6, Drink more tea
The article points out, the ancient Chinese tea culture, contains enormous prevent electromagnetic radiation injury secret. Tea contains polyphenols and other radiation substances on human hematopoietic function has a protective effect, can reduce computer radiation hazards. Also, tea rich in vitamin A can prevent night blindness and dry eye.

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