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Taiwan Electromagnetic Radiation Environmental Protection Association, said: long-term exposure to 3-4 milligauss, 2-fold increase in childhood leukemia
[Taiwan reported] Taiwan Environmental Protection Conference in EIA review Taipower 161KV submarine cable development projects Yunlin Penghu. Yunlin self-help would oppose requiring EIA would not do a bad precedent, so that people exposed to high electromagnetic waves, or else after all cable set works can be implemented in this manner cases, absolutely not let it do.
Reported that anti-substation underground high-voltage cable Self-Help Association Ji Wuchang said Taipower is no way to dig the EIA has caused damage Bed, really bad; Not only that, because the case will go through the high voltage cable Yunlin County Village, will make surface electromagnetic waves buried cables above 20 gigahertz electromagnetic waves on both sides of the Bed will be higher than 15 milligauss, buried high voltage cable Kouhu civilized way of elementary school students must pass through, the student's health will be threatened ,EIA does not project meeting rigorous review.
According to Zhan Lai Yu said, the director of the Taiwan's electromagnetic radiation pollution control Association, the World Health Organization has announced 2002 as a high-voltage cable electromagnetic 2B carcinogen, long exposure to 3 to 4 milligauss (mG), the incidence of leukemia in children will increase two times; another 322 in accordance with World Health Organization report, the European residential ELF fields averaged 0.7 gigahertz, 1.1 gigahertz North America, only about 1-4% of residential over 3 milligauss in the world. EIA cannot be arbitrarily by people exposed to high electromagnetic development projects.

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