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China Shanghai successfully developed "Silver Ultra-precise Ion-plated " technology

( China , Shanghai ) according to Chinese reports , A Shanghai company called " Shanghai Yindun Textile Technology Co., Ltd. " Civil electromagnetic shielding clothing manufacturer , in collaboration with Donghua University in Shanghai (China Textile University ) , developed a more prominent composite coating process , indicating that Chinese companies a breakthrough in textile technology in particular .According to media reports in the country , this is named " Silver Ultra-precise Ion-plated " processing methods , the greatest merit is that : Compared with the traditional silver fiber radiation fabric commonly used sputtering process , " Silver Ultra-precise Ion-plated " through molecular extraction mode , the superconductor in radiation suits - silver to break molecular size to achieve the coupling link with textile fibers , ultra- dense arrangement . Plating through the complex multiplexing , the outer layer of textile fibers overall oxygen barrier film for better radiation shielding effect.Research institutions to cooperate with this enterprise - College of Textiles, Donghua University of measurement data is displayed : The " Silver Ultra-precise Ion-plated technology ," the new fabrics, coming soon, compared with the traditional silver fiber fabrics , the same size , the silver content of about 30% improved ( more dense adhesion degrees ) , to enhance the antioxidant activity of 45% ( re- plated oxygen filtration membrane ) , the shielding effect increased 26 percent ; comfort fabric through unfamiliar sensory blind test experiment , the measured who have a higher degree of recognition .

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