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Exposed to a magnetic field mobile base stations report on the impact on human health

Aims to review and evaluate recently about exposure to mobile phone base stations (MPBS) literature on the health effects of radiation.


Our lab environment randomized human trials and surveys everyday environments MPBS radiation epidemiological studies on the health effects were systematically reviewed.


Our analysis included 17 to meet our basic quality requirements of article 5 on randomized human laboratory tests, 12 on epidemiological studies. Most papers (14) studied the self-reported non-specific symptoms. Most randomized trials have not found MPBS radiation and exposure during or after exposure to short-term acute symptoms any link between the development, but show no symptoms or exposure types of relevance. We also found that: the more complex the exposure assessment, report greater impact on human health. Survey found that: A study on children MPBS exposure relative scarcity, but for some specific symptoms associated with radiation is greater.


Show that exposure to up to ten volts per meter MPBS radiation and the development of acute symptoms evidence of an association between the presence of very strong because the evidence is based on randomized blinded humans based on laboratory tests. Currently, about everyday environments usually occurs in the long-term low-dose radiation on human health effects have been associated with research, but still lack sufficient data to make strong conclusions.

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