Welcome to the electromagnetic shielding Technical Steering Committee
Progress in research

BEIJING, Jan. 8, according to the China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network reported a few days ago, from the relevant departments of the good news came, a radar position of Air Force Engineering Research Council Research military scientific and technological progress award, the technology to fill the gaps in national defense construction, national defense construction leaps and bounds.The project across the various provinces and cities, multi-point, line length, a wide range of different types of engineering structures, building body, large projects. Initial stage of construction, neither the norms and standards, and no reference to reference. The council has set up a research team led by Dr. Zhou Huxin carry forward the pioneers, bold exploration, scientific research, the bull by the horns spirit. Based on a radar system to detect tactical and technical positions of regional natural, social, electromagnetic environmental characteristics and topographic and geologic survey data analysis, the study identified the overall layout of the radar position, to build China's first of this type of radar position network.The technological breakthrough earth precise location measurement, complex settlement control of high-precision basic design and engineering electromagnetic shielding and other key technologies, and promote the scientific and technological progress of China's large-scale defense and military construction, is of great military significance. At the same time, the engineering survey and national silver, engineering design for army excellent design prize. (Source: China National Aero-News Network)

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